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Tech Forum 2020 recap: Workflows

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Organizing people, technology, and processes effectively is no easy task. These two Tech Forum presentations include highly actionable items that can help achieve your workflow goals.

Introducing best practices for accessible workflows into the publishing cycle

Leah Brochu, Accessible Publishing Coordinator for the National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS), and Daniella Levy-Pinto, Accessibility Testing Coordinator with NNELS, share the findings of a project aimed at identifying and preventing accessibility barriers in the publishing industry. They also provide actionable items that stakeholders involved in the ebook production process (publishers, ebook designers, third-party producers, and ebook vendors) can do to produce content that is born accessible.

Read Leah and Daniella’s blog post here.

Building a better publishing workflow: Recommendations from the BISG

In 2019, the Book Industry Study Group launched its workflow committee to help companies across the supply chain think about ways to better organize processes, technologies, and people. In Fall 2019, the committee published a white paper that outlined opportunities, challenges, and best practices related to improving publishing workflows. In this session, Brian O’Leary, Executive Director at Book Industry Study Group, highlights what the committee learned and where it will go next.


These and more Tech Forum presentations can be found on our YouTube channel, BNC blog, and podcast. You can also consult this schedule — all the sessions listed in purple have free online content available.