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Tech Forum 2020 recap: BookNet Canada’s presentations

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Tech Forum is BookNet’s favourite time of the year. It’s a joy to see attendees networking, learning, and participating in thought-provoking conversations looking at the present and future of the publishing industry. Plus, preparing presentations for Tech Forum and sharing the data we have collected is the highlight of the year for many of us at BookNet. Because our products are constantly improving (thanks to the feedback and input of users!), we have put together a list with all BookNet staff-led presentations that couldn’t take place in-person but are available for you to watch at your own pace from the comfort of your workstation. Enjoy!

Book industry state of the nation 2020

In this chart-friendly presentation, Noah Genner, President & CEO of BookNet Canada, shares the latest statistics on Canadian book buying, reading, and consumer habits.


Audiobooks in Canada

Arm yourself with the latest research and insights from BookNet Canada and its partners relevant to the audiobook market.

Get caught up before watching the presentation by reading BookNet’s latest report of audiobooks, Press Play: Audiobook Use in Canada 2020.


New from BookNet Canada: BNC SalesData

Monique Mongeon, Project Manager at BookNet goes over the latest SalesData new features and functionality upgrades that make running reports faster and more efficient than ever before.


New from BookNet Canada: BNC LibraryData

Join BookNet’s Product Coordinator, Hannah Johnston as she goes over the reports and features currently available in LibraryData, and to learn about new developments planned for the upcoming year.


New from BookNet Canada: BNC CataList

In this presentation, Carol Gordon, Project Manager at BookNet does an overview of recent CataList updates that can help you find the books you need faster and let you organize your catalogues more easily than ever before.


New from BookNet Canada: Loan Stars

Join us as we examine the trends, trials, and titles that make up the Loan Stars program, and share best practices we’ve discovered for both libraries and publishers


New from BookNet Canada: BNC BiblioShare

This past year took us further along the road toward our rebuild of BNC BiblioShare while ‘old’ BiblioShare continued to be a workhorse 24/7. Hear from Tim Middleton, Project Manager & Retailer Liaison at BookNet Canada about what we’ve learned along the way and discover what ‘old’ BiblioShare has done for you lately.


#standardsgoals for 2020: Standards & certification roundup

Bibliographic standards are always changing to keep up with the ever-evolving realities of the book industry and it’s in the best interest of your business to keep up, too. In this session, Bibliographic Manager Tom Richardson will show you what’s new, what’s important, and what’s coming up in standards.


What is quality in metadata?

The publishing industry regularly reinforces a belief that it’s normal for end users to use data badly and that it’s up to the rest of us to design our business communications around their limitations. It’s an attitude that leads to benchmarking against minimal metadata support rather than maximizing a book’s discovery potential. This quixotic presentation will try to change that attitude.


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