Tim Middleton

Project Manager & Retail Liaison, BookNet Canada

Tim Middleton is a Project Manager & Retailer Liaison at BookNet Canada. With a passion for startup culture, entrepreneurial enterprises, and disruptive technology ignited by a varied career in retail and consumer research, all things bookish remain his first and true love.

Headshot by Yvonne Bambrick in front of Gordon Rayner’s 1968 painting “Colour Swirl.”

Tim's Sessions

Case Study: Metadata & the Web at House of Anansi Press

Auditorium B
Moving an online bookstore from one website to another is no small feat. Obstacles abound in this odyssey of data transferral, from hosting ebook files to displaying metadata and images, all while ensuring that design and e-commerce tools are doing their jobs both separately and when melded together. In this case study, the team at […]

New from BookNet Canada: BNC BiblioShare

Auditorium C
With 3 million records (and counting), BNC BiblioShare has grown into the go-to source for quality-assured book data in Canada. Find out what tools we’ve been working on recently to ensure all that data is easily accessible to retailers, the media, and other end users, and what plans we have in the works for building […]