Teresa Elsey

Managing Editor, Bridge International Academies

Until very recently, Teresa Elsey was senior managing editor (digital) in the Trade division at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. She directed a group that produces and updates more than a thousand ebooks yearly, including adult fiction and non-fiction, culinary and lifestyle, YA titles, picture books, and e-only projects. She began her career in print publishing (though she likes ebooks better!) and has also worked at O’Reilly Media, Let’s Go, and Cengage. She is currently managing editor at Bridge International Academies. Find her asking #eprdctn questions on Twitter as @teresaelsey.

Teresa's Sessions

Building Ebooks That Last

Auditorium BC
This talk will answer the question: “How does my company build ebooks that will still work in two years, or five, or ten?” Taking a pragmatic approach based on real-world examples of ebooks that did not last, with a dash of the theoretical that considers how web archiving work might apply to ebooks, Teresa will […]