Shannon Culver

Manager of Technology, eBOUND Canada

Shannon Culver is the Manager of Technology at eBOUND Canada, a non-profit organization that enables Canadian independent publishers to participate in the digital economy. She also teaches the Digital Publishing & Production course in the Publishing Certificate Program at the Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University. Prior to her work at eBOUND, Shannon was Manager of Publisher Operations at Kobo.

Shannon's Sessions

Keywords and Discoverability on Amazon: A Canadian Context

Auditorium C
eBOUND Canada conducted a pilot study using a sample of ebooks published by Canadian publishers, to gauge the efficacy of adding audience-driven keywords to the metadata for a sample of fiction and non-fiction titles. Using a combination of AI and manually-generated keywords, we tracked the impact of keywords on discoverability and sales on Amazon over […]

The Accessibility Supply Chain: Reporting from the Front Lines of Inclusive Ebook Production

Auditorium A
Join Shannon Culver and Sabina Iseli-Otto for an overview of lessons learned at this year’s Accessible Publishing Summit. Representatives from across the North American digital book supply chain convened over two days in January 2019 for facilitated dialogue and conversation on accessible publishing. By sharing diverse perspectives, and identifying the assets and challenges of born-accessible […]

Who Does What to Make Great EPUB? How to Build an Airplane in Mid-Air

Auditorium BC
Many of us have been working with the EPUB standard for several years, but one long-standing challenge for Canadian publishers, particularly small ones, is that the requirements for accessible EPUB 3 can seem very daunting. Recent work by Laura Brady shows that many Canadian publishers are still producing EPUB 2, and those who are producing […]