Nellie McKesson

Founder and CEO, Hederis

Nellie has been working in publishing for well over a decade, in almost every book production role there is (production editor, print layout specialist, ebook production manager, to name a few). She’s spent the last 6 or so years working specifically with automated workflows: creating ebook and print files via hands-off automated toolchains. In late 2017, she founded the startup Hederis, whose goal is to solve publishing problems through user-focused automation and web-technology. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon, where she mostly just works and plays D&D.

Nellie's Sessions

Pagination in the Browser: Why, What, and How

Auditorium BC
“Publishers and book-makers are still looking for ways to make more books, faster, while maintaining the quality that readers expect from professional products. More and more publishers are exploring ways to add automation to their workflows, and looking for tools that can replace or at least speed up the traditional InDesign workflow. Unfortunately, today’s standard […]