Naomi Kennedy

Senior Manager, Ebook Development, Penguin Random House

Naomi Kennedy is the Senior Manager for Ebook Development at Penguin Random House. A master at process automation, she is charged with developing tools to improve Penguin Random House’s ebook production workflow and helping others with their ebook woes. Previously, she worked for New York University Press after completing a MA in Economics from the University of St. Andrews and a MSc in Publishing from New York University. You can follow her adventures in knitting and cat adoration on Instagram at instagram.com/naomi_is_reluctantly_here.

Naomi's Sessions

Images in Ebooks

With the wide variety of image formats and e-reading apps/devices in play, it can be a challenge to establish best practices for images that will serve readers in this complicated ecosystem. In this workshop, Naomi Kennedy,¬†Senior Manager for Ebook Development at Penguin Random House, will take us through the quagmire of formats, file sizes, compression […]
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