Monique Mongeon

Project Manager, BookNet Canada

Monique Mongeon has always been fascinated with the intersection of books and technology – from her start making fansites for her favourite books, to her current role as Project Manager at BookNet Canada. Monique also teaches ebook production at Ryerson University’s Chang School. Prior to joining BookNet, Monique worked in ebook production for Penguin Random House Canada.

Headshot by Yvonne Bambrick in front of Gordon Rayner’s 1968 painting “Colour Swirl.”

Monique's Sessions

Data-Driven Collections & Patron Management: The New Library Science

Auditorium B
It’s 2019. Do you know what your local library is doing with data? Panelists from major Canadian library systems will share their latest data-driven initiatives that are revolutionizing collections and patron management to increase efficiencies, insights, and opportunities. BookNet’s Monique Mongeon will speak to the role BNC LibraryData will play in the aggregation and analysis […]

New from BookNet Canada: BNC LibraryData & SalesData

Auditorium C
The BookNet team has been hard at work the last year recruiting Canadian library systems and aggregating their circulation data to debut our new tool, BNC LibraryData. Get a first glimpse of the circulation data aggregation tool, see its reports in action, and find out how it will be integrated into BNC SalesData for a […]