Melissa Mack

Director, Witt O'Brien's

Melissa Mack is a corporate crisis preparedness consultant, specializing in establishing, training, and exercising corporate crisis management teams. Her passion is developing and conducting training and tabletop exercises for teams of all maturity levels. Melissa uses her strong attention to detail and deep understanding of team dynamics to create exercises that push crisis management, incident management, and business continuity teams to learn and improve. Melissa knows the most effective ways to exercise a senior leadership team, and she’s not afraid to use a hurricane, a cyberattack, or a zombie apocalypse scenario to do it.

Melissa's Sessions

A Crisis Management Lens for #MeToo and the Media Industry

When most people think of Crisis Management, they think of Olivia Pope. However, Crisis Management is more than just squashing scandals and managing (bad) reputations. Using case studies of recent crises related to the #MeToo movement and the publishing industry, this session will demonstrate how the principles of Crisis Management can be used to successfully […]