Marion Garner

Deputy Publisher, Penguin Random House Canada

Marion Garner is a veteran of Canadian publishing. Over her vast career, she has worked many places doing many things, but her 25 years at Penguin Random House Canada sum up things nicely. She began her time at Random House Canada as a sales representative, eventually bringing her sales experience over to publishing in the position of Publisher, Vintage Canada. Following an internal merger, her leadership expanded to include all formats—not just paperbacks—as Associate Publisher, Knopf Random House Canada, where she was engaged with books from acquisition through publication and promotion. Since the merger of Penguin and Random House, Marion’s responsibilities as Deputy Publisher have come to include the inception and launch of the audiobook publishing program and overseeing the adult second format publishing program, in addition to her operational oversight for the entire Canadian publishing program at Penguin Random House Canada.

Marion's Sessions

Case Study: Penguin Random House Canada’s Audiobook Program

Join Penguin Random House Canada’s Marion Garner, Deputy Publisher, and Ann Jansen, Director of Audiobook Production, to celebrate and revisit 18 months of made-in-Canada audiobooks. Learn how PRHC adopted an audio-first strategy to release audio content simultaneously with print and digital editions, using Canadian acting talent for Canadian-authored books, while recording in studios both in-office […]