Liam Quin

Disrupter, Barefoot Computing

Liam Quin has been working with digital typography and books since first encountering text formatting software in 1981. He worked at SoftQuad Inc. (an outgrowth of Coach House Press in the 1980s) and was later the head of XML work at the World Wide Web Consortium for many years. He is now a self-employed consultant.

Liam's Sessions

XSLT 3 for EPUB and Print

Learn about using XSLT to produce EPUB2 and EPUB3 books from XML or XHTML input as well as PDF for print with CSS or XSL-FO. You don’t need previous XSLT experience but a willingness to look at a little code will really help. XSLT can be a functional programming language or a simple template language […]