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Keni Dominguez

Workplace Culture Strategist & Career Coach

Keni Dominguez is a workplace culture strategist and career coach for Black womxn and other womxn of colour introverts, focused on work law and social justice, including the regulation of work and the problems of inequity, insecurity, and discrimination WOC face in the workplace. She also provides services in organizational culture design and strategy for purpose-driven, people-centric companies.


How to combat racial gaslighting in the workplace

April 9, 2-3 p.m. ET | Free

We’ve all been there: told that a raise is coming, given an “opportunity” that’s really a setup for failure, made to feel like we’re being “difficult” when we raise valid concerns about equity. Find out how you can identify and combat racial gaslighting in the workplace using the two-pronged approach taught in this workshop.

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