Joshua Tallent

Director of Outreach and Education, Firebrand Technologies

Joshua Tallent is dedicated to helping publishers around the world create better books. In addition to heading up training and outreach efforts within Firebrand, Joshua serves on multiple industry committees and working groups and teaches at publishing conferences year-round. He also leads the development of FlightDeck, the most robust EPUB quality assurance tool available.

Watch his talk on Understanding Your Metadata’s Journey at Tech Forum 2017:

Joshua's Sessions

Cybernetic Ebooks: A Panel on Machine Learning and AI in Book Production

Auditorium BC
Tools are at the core of the daily work of book production, whether print or digital, because they directly impact our efficiency and the quality of the final product. Thanks to growing amounts of available data and the increased processing power of modern computers, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become popular tools […]