Jiminy Panoz

Ebook Developer, Chapal & Panoz

Jiminy Panoz is a freelancer who has been helping French publishers make the transition to digital for the last five years. In addition to ebook conversion, he has conducted QA audits, managed interactive projects, built custom tools, and designed tailored workflows for his clients. He’s also the creator and maintainer of open-source projects dedicated to ebooks, including the blitz framework. chapalpanoz.com

Jiminy's Sessions

Jiminy and Dave’s Excellent CSS Adventure

Auditorium Rooms B & C
Join Jiminy and Dave for an Excellent CSS Adventure, traveling through time from the dawn of the Kindle era, through today’s responsive EPUBs, to the future of web publications. We’ll take an ancient ebook and show you how to fix it up, by adding modern typographic effects and responsive design, while still allowing it to […]
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