Elizabeth Barker

Project Coordinator, BookNet Canada

Elizabeth Barker: marketer, library power-user, metadata nerd. As a member of the BookNet Canada team, Elizabeth is able to spend her days doing what she loves: working closely with libraries, bibliographic data, and publishers. When not making/seeking reading recommendations, Elizabeth can be found wherever an absurd amount of pop culture knowledge is needed.

Headshot by Yvonne Bambrick in front of Gordon Rayner’s 1968 painting “Colour Swirl.”

Elizabeth's Sessions

New from BookNet Canada: Loan Stars & Loan Stars Jr.

Auditorium C
The Loan Stars readers’ advisory program had a big year in 2018, from welcoming hundreds of new library staff from across Canada to launching Loan Stars Jr., a new bi-monthly list of Juvenile and Young Adult titles that will debut in March 2019. Find out what else we’ve been up to the past year, how […]