Deborah Kaplan

Owner and Lead Developer, Suberic Networks

Deborah dances all over the intersection of books, technology, and accessibility. She’s the lead developer at Suberic Networks, a consulting firm that specializes in technology solutions for publishing, libraries, archives, and content management, with a focus on accessibility and user experience. Deborah is an invited expert on the W3C Publishing Working Group, and has worked as a librarian and archivist, a book reviewer at Kirkus Reviews, an accessibility trainer and programmer, and a graduate instructor of children’s literature. She consults as the accessibility expert for several open source projects. Deborah has a number of soapboxes about information accessibility, but they all boil down to this: It should be easy to make feature-rich, beautiful design coexist with usability and accessibility.

Deborah organizes her non-fiction by colour.

She knows, she knows, but it works! She swears!

Deborah's Sessions

WAI-ARIA in Practice: Ebooks that are dynamic, beautiful, and accessible

When you aim for accessibility, you’re guaranteed to hear about WAI-ARIA. But what is ARIA? When do you use it — and more important, when don’t you? We’ll take an ebook and learn how to use ARIA to gain accessibility for modern, dynamic content. We’ll learn when you can trust HTML to do the right […]
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