Chris Hall

Co-Owner, McNally Robinson Booksellers

Chris Hall has worked in the book industry at McNally Robinson Booksellers since 1996. He started as a bookseller, got the opportunity to try many more aspects of running a bookstore, and, in 2015, officially took over as co-owner with Lori Baker, his business partner. They now own McNally Robinson and Prairie Ink Restaurants in Winnipeg and Saskatoon as well as Skylight Books, a school wholesaler based in Winnipeg. They opened a new, small store at the Forks in Winnipeg in early 2018.

Chris' Sessions

Building Bridges, Not Walls: Successful Publishing & Retailing Collaborations

Auditorium B
We all have one goal: Get more books into the hands of readers. Hear from publishers and booksellers across the industry who are working together to support book sales in ways that are creative, collaborative, and constructive for all.