Betsy Granger

Executive Strategist - Content Standards, Macmillan Learning

I have spent close to 15 years in publishing. My career started in fashion editorial as an intern for InStyle magazine. Twelve years back, coinciding with a move out west to Austin TX, I shifted from print to the digital world and fell in love with science publishing. Three years ago I joined Macmillan Learning and have been working to streamline the digital production process. At night I dream of single source publishing while loving and hating inDesign equally. In my “free” time I work on design projects in illustrator and photoshop, and if I ever find the time again, I would like to work with actual paint and I just got a pottery wheel.

Betsy's Sessions

Faking a Grid

“We wanted to utilize the responsive nature of the grid layout in our EPUBs to mimic the complex layout of higher education print textbooks. When we looked at applying the grid to our EPUBs, we saw that this would require additional coding not related to semantics, and the addition of s surrounding our headers would […]