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Annahid Dashtgard

Author & Consultant

Anima Leadership

Annahid Dashtgard is a renowned author, changemaker and co-founder of Anima Leadership, a boutique consulting company specializing in issues of diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism. Previously she was a leader in the economic globalization movement, responsible for several national political campaigns and frequently referred to as one of the top activists to watch. Her published writing credits include the Globe and Mail, CBC, and numerous magazines. Her first book — Breaking the Ocean: A Memoir of Race, Rebellion and Reconciliation (House of Anansi, 2019) — garnered stellar reviews, referred to as a “luminous inventory dappled with joy and pain” (Quill and Quire). Dashtgard is currently working on her second book, Bones of Belonging, a collection of stories linking the personal to the political (follow her @Annahid).


Foreign object in the house of Canadian literature: A fireside chat

April 8, 1-2 p.m. ET | Free

Join Annahid Dashtgard, Chelene Knight, and moderator Léonicka Valcius for an important, nuanced, and solution-based conversation about how the publishing industry cares for authors who share difficult truths in their work. How do we create space and safety for people, writers especially, who, for a variety of reasons, have not been welcome in Canadian publishing? People who, as Dashtgard writes in her essay Foreign Object in the House of Canadian Literature, “are wooed for the colour [they] represent, but [who] don’t yet belong.”

Dashtgard, Knight, and Valcius will explore the author experience in publishing and how that mirrors or differs from the experiences of racialized people in other industries. What are the primary concerns authors face in navigating the industry? What responsibility do industry professionals have to incorporate author care into their process? And how does author care differ for marginalized writers or writers who are exposing trauma in their work?

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