Ann Jansen

Director, Audiobook Production, Penguin Random House Canada

Ann joined PRHC in 2017 to create a made-in-Canada audiobook program. The audio team has already produced more than 100 titles, many recorded in an in-house studio launched in early 2018. Before switching to publishing, Ann worked at the CBC, where she led the launch of CBC Books online and produced Canada Reads through its transition from a pre-taped radio show to a months-long campaign and multi-platform live program. Ann also produced the book-reading show Between the Covers, commissioned fiction and poetry from acclaimed and emerging writers, and directed award-winning radio plays such as The Handmaid’s Tale.

Ann's Sessions

Case Study: Penguin Random House Canada’s Audiobook Program

Join Penguin Random House Canada’s Marion Garner, Deputy Publisher, and Ann Jansen, Director of Audiobook Production, to celebrate and revisit 18 months of made-in-Canada audiobooks. Learn how PRHC adopted an audio-first strategy to release audio content simultaneously with print and digital editions, using Canadian acting talent for Canadian-authored books, while recording in studios both in-office […]