Pagination in the Browser: Why, What, and How

Auditorium BC

“Publishers and book-makers are still looking for ways to make more books, faster, while maintaining the quality that readers expect from professional products. More and more publishers are exploring ways to add automation to their workflows, and looking for tools that can replace or at least speed up the traditional InDesign workflow. Unfortunately, today’s standard automation tools can’t match the page quality that InDesign offers (at least not without tedious time-investment). At the same time, e-reading systems continue to vary widely in their support of standard Web design elements, which makes it difficult to create digital book products that can rival their print counterparts.

Both of these reasons explain the continued interest in finding browser-based pagination solutions — as page-layout alternatives and as browser-based reading systems. Nellie will explain the problems that publishers are facing, and how web-based pagination can offer a solution to those problems. She will also go over some of the tools available today and those in development, a few case studies, and some of the theoretical concepts behind browser-based pagination.