Tzviya Siegman

Information Standards Lead, Wiley

Tzviya Siegman is Wiley’s Information Standards Lead. Tzviya wrote and maintained Wiley’s ebook specifications and stylesheets and serves as Wiley’s liaison to industry standards groups. She currently works in Wiley’s Platform Architecture Group, joining her interests in content structure, standards, accessibility, and linked data. Tzviya co-chairs the W3C Publishing Working Group, helping to make the web and publishing better friends.

Tzviya's Sessions

Great Expectations – The Sequel: Updates from the digital standards frontlines

Auditorium BC
Although the Web has, since its inception, been a medium for publishing content, in February of 2013, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) dipped its toes into the waters of the commercial publishing industry with its first community workshop in New York City titled, “eBooks: Great Expectations for Web Standards.” Five years later, and with […]
EBC: Standards

HTML-First at Wiley, or, How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the DOM

Auditorium BC
When a customer reads an article on Wiley Online Library, it’s either a PDF   or HTML . When a customer reads an EPUB, she is reading HTML. The path to that HTML has not always been so straightforward. In the last several years, we have become increasingly aware of the value of quality HTML to our users. […]
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