Tim Middleton

Project Manager & Retail Liaison, BookNet Canada

Tim Middleton is a Project Manager & Retailer Liaison at BookNet Canada. With a passion for startup culture, entrepreneurial enterprises, and disruptive technology ignited by a varied career in retail and consumer research, all things bookish remain his first and true love.

Headshot by Yvonne Bambrick in front of Gordon Rayner’s 1968 painting “Colour Swirl.”

Tim's Sessions

New from BookNet Canada: BNC BiblioShare

Auditorium Room C
Learn more about the Canadian book industry’s bibliographic aggregation system and how it’s supporting publishers, distributors, booksellers, and everyone in between. Project Manager Tim Middleton will give an overview of what BiblioShare can do, the powerful data-disseminating services we’ve been working on recently, who’s using all that data and why, and how you can take […]
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