Steve Murgaski

Production Team, National Network for Equitable Library Service

Steve is completely blind, and an avid reader. He specializes in testing websites for accessibility, and is now working with NNELS to do the same for published books. His special interest is texts that contain mathematical symbols and graphs. He believes that these materials need to be accessible in braille, as well as in other formats.

Steve's Sessions

We Tear Apart Your Ebooks: How, why, and what you can do to stop us

Not everyone can read an ebook, especially when it isn’t fully accessible. About 10% of Canadians may not be able to read books in print format because of vision, mobility, and comprehension impairments. These readers are typically not part of a publisher’s market, but they could be. NNELS (nnels.ca) is a publicly-funded accessible format producer […]
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