Simon-Pierre Marion

President & Founder, Scenarex

Simon-Pierre Marion is the president and founder of Scenarex. Having graduated with the highest honor from UQAM, Mr. Marion holds both a bachelors degree in computer science (B.Sc.A.) and an executive Master’s degree in Business Administration (EMBA) with a specialization in technology management. He is an entrepreneur with a combined experience of over 20 years in the management of teams, projects, and budgets. In 2015, Mr. Marion decided to combine his passions for entrepreneurship, technology, and literature to bring his creativity into the domain of eBooks. His life mission, as well as his organization mission, is to bring innovation to the service of every author. He aims to provide a benefit to their digital works through a shared economy that protects their rights and ensures an equitable distribution of the revenues between every party.

Simon-Pierre's Sessions

Blockchain and Building the Future of Information Management and Sharing

Auditorium B
Since debuting in 2008 in the form of bitcoin cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has moved beyond the financial sector and promises to upend the way all data is stored and exchanged. Join a panel of experts from the publishing industry and beyond for an overview of the technology and a panel discussion to explore the opportunities […]
TF: Bookselling