Ron Bilodeau

Production & Design Specialist, O'Reilly Media, Inc.

Ron Bilodeau is the Production & Design Specialist for O’Reilly Media, Inc. He is using InDesign to develop seamless workflows for easily exporting print- and web-ready PDFs, as well as ePub and Mobi digital book formats, from the same source files. In addition to his InDesign work, Ron is also working with the O’Reilly Atlas team where he is developing custom stylesheets for this new and exciting (fully automated) digital publishing platform.

Ron's Sessions

Leveraging InDesign for All It’s Worth

Think InDesign can’t provide quality ebook output? Think again. By applying certain rules, you can effectively eliminate the need for a separate workflow and leverage InDesign for all it’s worth. Learn what these rules are and how to apply them, including the importance of always using styles, the proper way to include images, how to […]
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