Romain Deltour

Software Developer, DAISY Consortium

Romain Deltour is a software developer for the DAISY Consortium, a non-profit organization committed to enabling equal access to information and knowledge regardless of disability.

After having worked at INRIA in the Web Adaptation and Multimedia team, Romain joined the DAISY staff in 2006, where he led the development of automated accessible publishing tools and contributed to IDPF’s EPUB Working Group. He’s also one of the primary maintainers of EpubCheck, the conformance checker for EPUB.

Nowadays, Romain’s focus is extending to automated evaluation of ebooks’ accessibility, as well as the future of Web publications. As an active member of W3C’s Publishing Working Group, Romain firmly believes in the Web’s potential to enable a truly inclusive publishing ecosystem.

Romain's Sessions

Is Your EPUB Accessible? Put It to the Test!

By now, everyone should know that producing accessible content is a good thing™. Most of us would hopefully be convinced that all people must have access to information or knowledge, regardless of any print disability; others could see it as… sigh… just another business opportunity, or a law-abiding constraint. In any case, you want your […]
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