Noah Genner

CEO & President, BookNet Canada

Noah Genner has an extensive background in independent bookselling, software and business development. As the leader of BookNet Canada he orchestrates a skilled team of technical, policy oriented and client focused staff to provide new data management services and supply-chain initiatives to the Canadian publishing and book retail sectors. Before working at BookNet Canada, Noah ran his own technology and software development consulting business, servicing a wide range of clients including book publishers and printers. Prior to that, Noah was Director of Software Development for consumer market research leader Compusense, where he oversaw the development of a variety of software projects used by numerous Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Noah serves on the Board of Directors of the Book Industry Study Group and eBOUND Canada, and is Chair of the ONIX International Steering Committee.

Noah's Sessions

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BNC Research Roundup

What do we know and, more importantly, what can we do with what we know? Looking at recent research on sales trends, consumer behaviour, digital publishing, and more, including our new series of in-depth genre studies and data we haven’t shared anywhere else, Noah will offer data-driven, actionable insights to better inform your next business […]
Research Tech Forum

Readers Will Listen: Audiobooks and the sound of sales

Auditorium Room B
Canadian book consumers have made it clear that they want audiobooks, but are we ready to meet the demand? With a panel of industry experts and innovators, we’ll discuss current developments in the creation and distribution of audiobooks, alongside new consumer data on what listeners expect from us.  
Tech Forum

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