Nellie McKesson

Senior Manager, Content Workflows, Macmillan

Nellie McKesson likes solving problems. Based in New York, she currently spends her days trying to find technological or workflow solutions for the publishing industry, combining her past experience in print and digital book production and design with her knowledge of digital workflows and programming. She has meandered through various roles in the publishing industry, starting out in journal publishing, then tackling tech publishing and authoring platforms at O’Reilly Media (where she pioneered an HMTL/CSS-centric workflow and was part of the team that wrote the HTMLBook spec), and now rethinking trade publishing tools and workflows at Macmillan Publishers. Nellie went to school for philosophy, and plays the drums in an artsy metal band.

Nellie's Sessions

How I Built an Automated Ebook Production Platform—and You Can, Too!

Automating ebook production can seem daunting, but there are a lot of tools already out there that can help you along. If you don’t try to build a rigid, everlasting, and unbreakable automated toolchain, but instead think about the points of change and build around them, then the task of automating becomes much less scary. […]
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