Nastaran Bisheban

VP, Global Technology Delivery, Kobo

Nastaran is a passionate, energetic, and seasoned senior leader in Technology and Project Strategy. She’s a Software Engineer at heart, holding a HB.Sc. in Computer Science and has successfully rounded out her experience by being both a certified Project Manager and holding a MBA in Leadership with Honors and Distinction from University of Liverpool.

Nastaran has held various leadership positions in organizations such as CGI, CIBC, Siemens, BlackBerry, and Canadian Tire Corporation. She’s driven technology delivery and software development efficiency, improving PMO organizations and helping teams reach their potential.

Nastaran is an active member of CanWIT and the ex-Chair of Canadian Women in Technology South Western Ontario, a division of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) that assists women entrepreneurs, mentors young women, and supports initiatives to increase the number of tech jobs for women in technology.

As VP of Global Technology Delivery, Nastaran leads the largest global team in Kobo to deliver a complex web of software solutions on multiple platforms.

Nastaran's Sessions

The Future Will Not be Silent: Audio-first publishing

Auditorium B
Evolving technologies and ever-increasing demand have led to explosive growth in audio publishing. This panel will discuss the ways audio is transforming their organizations’ strategies and even business models. We’ll also talk about the trends we’re seeing, the various formats in which audio is being developed for consumers, and what to watch for next in […]
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