Matt Garrish

Editor, Digital Publishing Standards and Processes Organization: DAISY Consortium

Matt has been working in publishing for as long as he can remember, and writing and editing digital publishing standards for over a decade. His addiction to specification writing began with the DAISY Consortium, and soon spread to IDPF and most recently W3C. He is the general editor of EPUB and the forthcoming Web Publications standard, and takes a special interest in accessibility.

Some of his efforts to make publishing more inclusive include contributing to the development of accessibility metadata in schema.org, co-authoring the Digital Publishing WAI-ARIA module, and participating in the development of WCAG 2.1. He has also published books on EPUB accessibility and best practices.

When not working on standards, Matt is helping the DAISY Consortium develop accessibility conformance testing and reporting tools for EPUB. He’s often hard to find online as the rest of his time is occupied fielding an endless litany questions from his inquisitive young daughter who thinks daddy’s job is sooo boring.

Matt's Sessions

Is Your EPUB Accessible? Put It to the Test!

By now, everyone should know that producing accessible content is a good thing™. Most of us would hopefully be convinced that all people must have access to information or knowledge, regardless of any print disability; others could see it as… sigh… just another business opportunity, or a law-abiding constraint. In any case, you want your […]
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