Madeleine Shang

Co-founder, Backflip Inc.

Madeleine Shang is the co-founder of Backflip Inc., a Next 36 and DMZ company. A former venture capitalist and financier, Madeleine serves as the JavaScript track lead at Women Who Code Toronto and as a JavaScript and machine learning engineer at OK GROW! As a blockchain and machine learning developer, consultant, and educator, Madeleine has contributed to the Ethereum and Dash ecosystems and has served as blockchain architect and lead deveoper at Mercantis, a decentralized marketplace for verified medical research and EMR data. Madeleine is also an avid and fearless (insane) adventurer who dreams of building a remote coding outpost in Alaska, complete with a log cabin, blueberry field, and the requisite satellite internet.

Madeleine's Sessions

Blockchain and Building the Future of Information Management and Sharing

Since debuting in 2008 in the form of bitcoin cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has moved beyond the financial sector and promises to upend the way all data is stored and exchanged. Join a panel of experts from the publishing industry and beyond for an overview of the technology and a panel discussion to explore the opportunities […]
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