Larissa Walker

Senior Manager, Audience Development, Harlequin

Larissa has been part of the Digital Capabilities department at Harlequin for the past 7 years. She currently leads the Audience Development team which is responsible for the Harlequin corporate social media, digital content, email marketing, and digital advertising programs. Before joining Harlequin, Larissa served as Social Media Team Lead at Canadian Tire where she contributed to the creation of Canadian’s Tire’s first social media strategy and provided leadership and strategic direction for the social media team. Previous to that, while with Ticketmaster as the Marketing Services Manager, Larissa led a team providing web merchandising, email, and digital content services, and initiated Ticketmaster Canada’s social media program. Larissa loves 80s music, the Golden Girls and David Bowie. She lives in Toronto with her partner plus LeVar Burton & Fizzgig (collectively “the cats”).

Larissa's Sessions

Video Ties That Bind: Charting Harlequin’s video-centric marketing strategy

Session description to come.
Marketing Tech Forum