Jenny Bullough

Senior Digital Content Strategist, Cineplex

A veteran of the format wars, Jenny Bullough spent 20 years in the publishing trenches before pivoting to content marketing. As Senior Digital Content Strategist for Cineplex, she leads the creation of written and video content for the Cineplex.com website, YouTube channel, and other properties across the Cineplex Entertainment experience. She pronounces GIF with a hard G.

Jenny's Sessions

E-production Without Borders: Next steps and blue sky possibilities for the eprdctn pro

So you’ve mastered ebook development—now what? With the field of e-production in transition, there is both uncertainty and the potential for exciting new opportunities for ebook designers and developers. What possibilities exist in the world outside of digital publishing for eprdctn professionals? And how can other fields instruct and influence ebook development? Ebook pros who […]
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