Jacqueline Whyte Appleby

Librarian, Scholars Portal, Ontario Council of University Libraries

Jacqueline Whyte Appleby is a librarian at Scholars Portal, where she works on license negotiation, loading, metadata distribution, and user accessibility for books and journals collectively purchased by Ontario Universities. At present, Scholars Portal locally hosts over 48 million journal articles and 600,000 books, with much of that content sitting in a Trustworthy Digital Repository. Before she decided to pursue librarianship, Jacqueline spent many years shelving and offering recommendations in the fiction and children’s departments at Indigo. She is the co-chair of the 2018 Ontario Library Association Super Conference, a long-time member of Choir!Choir!Choir!, and a new mother.

Jacqueline's Sessions

Ebook Usability from the Library’s Perspective

Discussions between libraries and publishers often focus on costs and licensing while little is said about ebooks as an effective vehicle for content. Ebook satisfaction and evaluation surveys abound in libraryland but considerations specific to the ebook format have yet to be addressed in our collection management policies. Which isn’t to say we’re not talking […]
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