Hazel Millar

Co-publisher, Book*hug

Hazel Millar is the Co-publisher at Book*hug, an independent literary press based in Toronto. An avid reader, Hazel is rarely without a book.

She is also the current Vice Chair of the Board of the Literary Press Group of Canada and sits on several other literary boards and advisory committees.

She lives in Toronto with her husband, Jay MillAR, aka, the other half of BookThug, their two sons, and a very cool calico cat named Tess.

Hazel's Sessions

Building In-House Momentum for Diverse Books

At Tech Forum 2017, Léonicka Valcius facilitated a conversation on advanced sales strategies for diverse books. This year, Valcius is joined by co-facilitator Anyka Davis to interrogate and rethink in-house processes and assumptions that come before publication date, including acquisitions, audience identification and positioning, setting priorities and sales expectations, getting internal reads, and setting marketing […]
TF: Diversity & Inclusion

The Future Will Not be Silent: Audio-first publishing

Auditorium Room B
Evolving technologies and ever-increasing demand have led to explosive growth in audio publishing. This panel will discuss the ways audio is transforming their organizations’ strategies and even business models. We’ll also talk about the trends we’re seeing, the various formats in which audio is being developed for consumers, and what to watch for next in […]
TF: Audio & Video TF: Content