Eve Kraicer

Senior Researcher, .txtLAB at McGill University

Eve Kraicer is Senior Researcher at .txtLAB, a cultural analytics laboratory at McGill University. She graduated from McGill in 2017 with a BA in Cultural Studies. For her honours thesis, she analyzed patterns of linguistic contagion in contemporary plague fiction. Her current work at .txtLAB applies machine learning and social network analysis to measures of cultural inequality, with particular focus on issues of gender bias and intersectionality in recent texts.

Eve's Sessions

What Do You Know About the Characters in Your Lists? Using Data to Reveal Gender Bias in Contemporary Fiction

Auditorium A
Turning content into data is neither straightforward nor easy, but the .txtLAB at McGill University has been doing just this to better understand what’s going on between the covers of books and how we’re representing the world to readers. By focusing on one particular feature — character gender in contemporary fiction — Andrew and Eve […]
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