Erica Leeman

Metadata Associate, The MIT Press

Erica Leeman is the Metadata Associate at The MIT Press, where she is in charge of educating the press about the importance of metadata and establishing best practices to help it become a more metadata-informed publisher. She has lately been focused on implementing best practices for keywords and creating a new internal subject taxonomy. She holds an MLIS from Simmons College and is now bringing her LIS experience to the metadata challenges within scholarly publishing.

Erica's Sessions

Demystifying the Inner Workings of Amazon Keywords

Auditorium Room C
Take a deep dive into the mysterious world of Amazon keywords. Using lessons learned from one publisher’s journey to uncover the online retailer’s inner workings and enhance discoverability, Leeman will offer advice on best practices, workarounds, and successful workflows. From character limits to lemmatization, no stone is left unturned.  
Metadata Tech Forum