Dave Cramer

Senior Digital Publishing Technology Specialist, Hachette Book Group

Dave Cramer has been making eBooks for fifteen years, and complaining about ebook standards for nearly as long. He was co-editor of the IDPF specification on fixed-layout eBooks, but in recent years has become heavily involved with the W3C and web standards, editing several specs for the CSS Working Group and writing “Requirements for Latin Text Layout and Pagination” for the Digital Publishing Interest Group. When not doing standards work, Dave writes XSL, works on typesetting with HTML+CSS, hunts for interesting information in mountains of XML files, and skis up and down literal mountains, preferably in Canada. He dreams of bringing the rich history of print design and typography to ebooks and the web.

Dave's Sessions

Beyond Good and Evil: The nuts and bolts of DRM

DRM isn’t the elephant in the room; it’s the monster under the bed. We are afraid of it, and we hate it, but how much do we know about it? Let’s get our flashlights, look under the bed, and learn how it all works by watching an actual EPUB be encrypted! Knowing a bit about […]
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Code ’n’ Bitch: EPUB

Gathering Space
ebookcraft offers a unique opportunity for developers, immersed daily in the minutiae of EPUB, to make face-to-face connections with their peers across the industry. And what better time and place to collect feedback, complaints, and ideas? Bring your lunch and gather: It’s our long-overdue ebook “stitch ’n’ bitch,” led by EPUB standard wonk Dave Cramer.
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