Benjamin Young

Solutions Architect, John Wiley & Sons

Benjamin Young is a web, digital publishing, and open source advocate. His focus is on content and how human beings interface with it and each other around it. He is currently exploring the edges of a re-decentralized web using annotation, distributed identity, and offline-friendly web apps and extensions. Benjamin is a Solutions Architect at John Wiley & Sons where he works on the Web Annotation Working Group and Digital Publishing Interest Group at the W3C.

Benjamin's Sessions

Web History 101, or How the Future is Unwritten

Auditorium Room A
In 1989 computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee wrote “Information Management: A Proposal” to persuade CERN management that a global hypertext system was in their interests. That proposal gradually grew into what we now call the World Wide Web. This originating document contains not only the bits that would later become the Web, but also features for […]
Tech Forum

On Again; Off Again

Over the past year, the world’s leading browsers have added features enabling web applications and publications to “phase shift” between online and offline states.  Surrounding these new features is a growing set of communities broadly coalescing around the term “offline-first.” In this talk, we’ll take a look at some of the key bits of technology […]
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