Ben Dugas

Manager of Content Display Quality and Self Publishing Operations, Kobo

Ben has worked at Kobo since 2009 where he has handled a great number of responsibilities including onboarding Kobo’s first generation of self published authors, converting ePubs to support territory and device launches, writing ePub guidelines, logging bugs, user stories and generally trying to keep Kobo’s eReading platforms aligned with the ever evolving world of content development. Throughout all this his primary mission has been to find defective content, work with publishers to revise as many titles as possible, provide insight to content creators on the capabilities of Kobo’s apps and devices and expand the range of content that Kobo can ingest and display as intended. In short, he wants everyone to be able to send their books and he wants them all to work for customers who choose to spend their leisure time with Kobo.

In his present role he oversees content QA (incoming content testing, failure reporting and the monitoring of customer feedback) as well as self publishing operations for Kobo Writing Life (admin tool maintenance, ePub production and communications and troubleshooting of content management issues with our many, many authors).

Ben's Sessions

End of the Conveyor Belt: A bookstore’s perspective on quality control, support improvements, and user feedback

Auditorium BC
So you’ve produced your ebooks and dropped them onto an FTP or hit the “send to the world” button in your fancy automated distribution tool – what happens next? Well, if you’re sending them to Kobo, all kinds of things happen. They may or may not be reviewed by a human before they even go […]
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