Code of Conduct

Tech Forum is committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive, safe, and accessible conference experience for all attendees. This is accomplished only when all participants uphold the following guidelines and rules of etiquette.

Accordingly, we expect attendees, staff, and speakers to follow our Code of Conduct at all Tech Forum events by following these guidelines and rules of etiquette:


The conference functions with a spirit of inclusiveness and we celebrate all participants, including all races, ethnicities, a full spectrum of genders, a full spectrum of sexual identities, and persons with a range of abilities and ability challenges. We believe that a diverse range of experiences and perspectives is absolutely necessary in building a thriving and healthy industry.


All attendees must be aware of how actions and words affect others. Do act accordingly.


Harassment will not be tolerated. No attendee shall harass an event guest, staff member, volunteer, attendee, or any other individual present in the space. Harassment can be a series of events or a single event with a lasting impact on the other individual. Any such behaviour may lead to expulsion from the conference and revocation of your badge. The conference reserves the right to remove any materials it considers offensive or any individuals acting in disagreement with its policies and philosophy, including any promotion of hate, religious/anti-religious proselytization, unauthorized solicitation, anti-feminism, or similar.

Anonymity & right to privacy

Respect other attendees and staff members when sharing photos, videos, or quotes online by asking permission first and removing any content if you’re asked to do so.

Pronouns & gender neutrality

Attendees are encouraged to self-identify their pronouns by adding to the designated area on their badges. If you are aware of someone’s pronouns or gender identity, make sure to always address them appropriately by using correct pronouns. If you are unaware of someone’s pronouns or gender identity, use the gender neutral terms “they/them” (rather than “he/him” or “she/her”).

Repeated violations of this Code of Conduct may result in BookNet Canada representatives, at their full discretion, monitoring the incident, administering a warning, or expelling the offender (without issuing a full or partial refund), and/or restricting the offender’s attendance at future BookNet Canada events, including Tech Forum.

Questions or suggestions?

If you have any questions or suggestions about Tech Forum’s Code of Conduct, please get in touch.

Reporting a violation

If you witness or experience inappropriate conduct, you should report such conduct immediately to the registration desk, a staff member from BookNet Canada, or by using our contact form.